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PhotoStatistica running on a Mac
PhotoStatistica enables you to see the BIG picture
PhotoStatistica's charts
  • Import EXIF data from photos held in directories, Lightroom or Capture One Pro libraries

  • Use 7 different styles of charts to analyse over 60 different EXIF elements

  • Apply powerful filters to focus your research

  • Drill down into groups of image and inspect their individual EXIF settings

  • Export EXIF data in CSV format and save charts as PNG files

Also available on iPad
PhotoStatistica running on an iPad
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"It is so well done, intuitive and powerful that I find it really fascinating and also extremely insightful."

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"After using PhotoStatistica I feel more confident that I would put a 70-200mm lens to good use."

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"This is a powerful app that lets you analyse your photos... in so many ways."

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"This is very helpful software if you're dealing with large photo collections."

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No digital camera bag is complete without PhotoStatistica
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